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This blog is managed by Tony Greenthumb and Linda Joy.

Tony is a veteran greenskeeper and landscape manager here to share tips and ideas for successful indoor and outdoor home gardening.

Linda is an interior design expert with a specialty in corporate design.


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Whether its called a “pot shelf” or “plant ledge,” if you have high ceilings, then you may be perplexed when it comes to utilizing that open space in a decorative manner. These ledges are typically found as decorative architectural accents in living rooms, bed rooms and in kitchens between cabinets and the ceiling, as well as many office or professional buildings. They can virtually be used to display anything that comes to mind, especially when given the right accessories and attention to detail, and can be used to display heirlooms, unique art or even collections of items too delicate to remain at eye level.

With the current trend of artistic ceiling design and decorating, more attention is turning to these ledges and their ability to enhance home and business décor. In homes with high ceilings, ledges can be anywhere from two to three feet or more in height, and at least 10 to 12 feet from the floor on average. This gives the decorator a large amount of space in which to fill with items, especially large items like floor vases and urns, large platters, plants and artwork or sculptures.

A key element in the decoration of ledges or pot shelves is taking into account the entire space that is to be decorated. Many of these areas, in addition to their height, are also long and may even utilize the entire width of a wall, or the space where two walls come together. Because of this large amount of room, a visual design is important in terms of balancing items throughout the width of the space as well as ensuring the height of the ledge is also being enhanced by larger items. A great way to take advantage of the space is to section it off and include groups of related items through color or theme that are evenly spaced across the ledge. The items in the groups can be of various sizes and shapes, and can differ from group to group, as long as the overall balance of the ledge is kept in mind. Many people also have luck placing large, framed art or photograph collections surrounded by memorabilia or family heirlooms on ledges.

While the space opened up by ledges can be an overwhelming project to tackle, the results can be dramatic and inspirational to a home or business. By keeping in mind general strategies for balance and visual impact, decorating plant ledges or pot shelves can be a great way to display treasured items or help pull the existing décor of a room together with style and finesse.

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